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Night Owl Security Cameras Their Features & Pricing 

Night Owl Security Cameras

We can not think of any office or company without a security camera, therefore the usage of security cameras has increased dramatically in this tech era Night Owl is a fast-growing company compared to others and provides a variety of night owl security cameras.

If you look into all the categories, you’ll see cameras for all your needs. So, we have provided this write-up about its system types, best cameras, and mobile app for night owl security cameras

Two Types of system

Night Owl company provides their customers with two system types for security cameras; wired and wireless. so People can choose among them as per their needs.


Wired Night Owl Security Cameras are those with DVR and NVR systems. DVR wired systems have features like dual sensor technology and are affordable. It also requires multiple cables for installation and is also compatible with the already present CCTV camera. 

NVR system, on the other hand, provides an image clarity feature and fewer wires for installation. However, it is not cost-effective as compared to the DVR system.


To neglect any clutter, the company offers wireless security cameras to customers so You can get a wireless kit with it. This wireless setup can also send recorded videos to the Night Owl app. 

Best Night Owl Security Cameras To Purchase

We have discussed the best two for your convenience among all the security cameras so let’s check them out.

12 Channels System

Night Owl provides their customers with an HD wired system having 12 channels and comes with enhanced and unique features. These features are as follows

8 Channels System

It is easy to set up with a wired NVR system and comes with Bluetooth connectivity and audio alerts. It has the following features;

How Does It Work?

Night Owl provides a variety of security cameras that you can control straight from your phone. After purchasing your camera from the night owl, you can call for professionals for the setup procedure. After the installation, you can manage it directly from your phone, like viewing the footage or handling two-way audio features.

Night Owl Security Cameras Mobile App

You can download and install the Night Owl application from the Google Play Store or the Apple store. The application for security cameras is very helpful as you can remotely handle tasks anywhere in the world.

Despite having these features, many users have the same complaint about this application. They claimed to have trouble with the connectivity and two-way audio feature. They also claimed not to have a rewind and forward option for the recordings in the app. Thus, the Night Owl application is not much beneficiary. But if you want to avail features of Night Owl Security Cameras, you can purchase them as per your need.


Pricing depends on the Models

Night Owl stepped in as a fast-growing security company with multiple camera options with good pricing. Their basic camera add-ons start at $59.99.

High-tech security facial recognition surveillance add-ons are available for $1,000 and up.

MODEL: Wireless 1080p AC Powered Camera

Price: $99.99


MODEL: 4-Channel HD Wireless

Price: $249.99 


MODEL:  8 -Channel Wireless Smart Security Hub

Price: $399.99


MODEL 6-Channel 4K W2 Fusion Hybrid   

Price: $399.99

Pros and Cons of Night owl security cameras


  1. Night owl security has a storage capacity of 1TB
  2. Has a lot of customized options
  3. Set a configurable privacy-mask
  4. Face Recognition and Identity with Night vision
  5. It can work in both cases with or without the internet
  6. Contain four waterproof cameras
  7. Convenient software programming


  1. Takes more time for installation with wires aplenty
  2. The control system with a mobile app is limited
  3. The cooling Fan for maintaining the temperature of GVR is very loud


You can have among these cameras if you want a security system full of worth. You can install and set it up by yourself after purchasing. But if you are techy and want to manage things via application, it’s not the best option for you. According to customers’ reviews on night owl cameras, their tech support is not quite good but the system works well enough with a bit of patience.


Can we Use Night Owl Cameras Without WIFI?

A number of  Night Owl security cameras Need a Wi-Fi connection, particularly if you opt for one that operates with the Night Owl cloud storage system but most night owl cameras operate without Wi-Fi However operate with the help of a DVR, microSD card, or NVR.

How can I Protect my Night Owl Camera from Hackers?

Any device that is connected to the Internet has the risk of getting hacked if not properly secured.

You can secure your night owl security cameras by setting a good password for your device and making sure the password is well-built with a mixture of letters, characters, and numerical values.

Night Owl does not provide two-factor verifications like many other brands.

Can Night Owl Security Cameras Work with Alexa Support?

Sadly Night Owl cameras and Google Assistant combine for smart home consolidation. It does not merge with any other program.

So when you pair a Night Owl camera with an Alexa, you’ll likely get an error message.

Is there any Monthly Fee for These Cameras?

The best thing about night owl is they don’t ask for a monthly fee for Night Owl security cameras so you do not have to pay monthly charges.

Is Night’s Own Camera Water-Resistant?

A bulk of Night Owl cameras are designed for the outdoors, that have a rating of IP65 or more. So Meaning it is not just water resistant but also protects the cameras from smut and draught.

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