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New Technology and Cloud Computing Lead IT Revolution

In the recent past, the 2011 China’s Computer Technology Conference was organized at the Shangri-La hotel in Beijing.

This was an important event because it sought to highlight the new opportunities open to the Chinese IT industry in the development of new technology and applications. The conference was attended by industry leaders and researchers from all over the country.

The Participants

The speakers included government leaders, research directors of eminent IT firms. College students and researchers waited eagerly for the sessions and the media were also present in complete attendance to cover the event.

Among the eminent personalities who graced the event were the president of the Intel China Research Institute, the Chief Technology Officer of the Shenzou Digital Group, and the dean of the Shenzou Digital Academy.

National as well as international companies participated in the conference to contribute to the evolution and growth of the Chinese IT industry.

Main Points Highlighted

All the participants and speakers were almost unanimous in expressing the need for setting up a coordination mechanism and a platform where Chinese IT firms could collaborate with one another on a larger scale.

The conference was also helpful in highlighting the threats, opportunities and future outlook of the IT industry. Areas for research were explored and new technologies deserving investment from the corporate sector were also identified.

Cloud Computing

Some of the key areas for growth in the coming years that were identified included cloud computing, mobile Internet and content networking. It was discussed that in the coming years, Chinese IT firms would be greatly increasing their research efforts in the areas of integrated circuit development, mobile Internet, and cloud computing. Online content will also be a key area for growth.

One of the IT consultants who presented at the conference expressed the view that cloud computing will become a pervasive technology in Chinese government and telecommunication sectors. Moreover, it will also play an important role in the field of education, medicine, finance, and petroleum.

Projected Growth

It was also projected that the size of the Chinese IT market will expand greatly over the next few years. It was considered that by 2013, the size of the market would become $16.73 billion, which reflects a compound annual growth rate in excess of 90%.

New Areas of Growth

It was also discussed that Internet enterprise computing would become a major area for the Chinese IT industry, with major investment flowing into this area. New Compuware would also be developed to provide enterprise solutions.

However, there will also be a need to make rapid upgrades to the infrastructure such as improving security measures and ensuring reliable power supply to the industry. This will support not just the development of the IT industry, but also a number of supporting industries. The government will have to make policies in this area to support investment in the IT industry.

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