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New Health Apps Gaining in Popularity

It seems that no sector will remain unchanged with the app revolution. From offering makeup tips to restaurant reviews, there is likely an app for everything under the sun.

The Growing Popularity of Health Apps
Canadians are becoming increasingly warmer toward apps designed to keep track of their health by matching their health status to those of other users. Not only in Canada, but in many countries worldwide, health-related apps are becoming increasingly popular.

According to one estimate, these apps probably number 40,000 around the world. Probably due to their busy schedules and the cost of seeing a doctor, people are now downloading health apps that will help them know whether their blood pressure or cholesterol level is in control.

Christopher Culligan – The Developer

Even doctors seem to be catching on to this trend and have developed their own apps to help their patients. They become more diligent about maintaining their health. The decision of Dr. Christopher Culligan was shaped by his observation of how common the use of apps had become among his patients, who often seemed too distracted. He has obsessed with their apps even during a consultation.

The apps currently on the market offer information that allows users to keep track of their diet, weight, and blood sugar levels. These apps may not help to cure any particular condition, but they can alert the user to substantial changes in their health status. This could act as a signal to the users to fix an appointment with the doctor for a consultation.

Two Innovative Health Apps

The apps developed by Dr. Culligan act as screening programs. The two apps are named the Alcohol Abuse Predictor. The app works by asking users to fill out a questionnaire.

The responses are compared with the responses given by other users. The assessment is made of the extent to which the user requires medical help for alcohol abuse. The second app is called the Depression Predictor and also works along the same lines as the Alcohol Abuse Predictor.

These apps are simply meant to provide information to the user so that they know when they need to see a doctor. For instance, the apps allow the user to see a comparison of their responses with the responses of users from different parts of the world to determine whether or not the user needs intervention for alcohol abuse.

It can help the patient to save time and see the doctor as soon as necessary for the best results. Dr. Christopher has reported positive feedback from users although it is necessary that health-related apps project an image of credibility to be taken seriously by users.

A Bright Future

For the moment, users of Android smartphones will be able to download these apps and use them. The success of these apps will determine whether they are developed for other devices and platforms too. For the moment, the future of these apps looks promising because they offer a valuable convenience to users: getting health updates on the go.

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