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The Technology Used In Most Reliable BMW Models

most reliable BMW models

This age is the age of technology. Thomas Shelby said:

“Motor cars are the future”

He was right about the popularity of the cars in Peaky Blinders.

BMW has a reputation for making reliable and luxurious models. However, each model varies in reliability a bit more than the previous one; this is why the reliable models differ from model to model. The technology used in the most reliable BMW models comes in a wide range of different forms, including electric and hybrid technology. There are many different models that offer you a range of options, but there is always a reliable model that can be part of your regular driving routine. When it comes to picking a vehicle, you have a lot of options to consider.

Most Reliable BMW Models

BMW 318i

Did you know that the BMW 318i is one of the most reliable models on the market?

Well, it is true! With a rating of 4/5 from AA cars;

If you are looking for a vehicle with a low budget but do not want to compromise on reliability, the BMW 318i may be your perfect match. According to a survey of its users, the majority are satisfied with a 2.0-liter engine that gives 141 horsepower.

The BMW 318i uses a high-tech engine with an attractive design. You will not be disappointed with the 318i.

BMW 750i

The 2008 BMW 750i is a model that continues to attract the attention of BMW fans.

BMW’s makers used enhanced technology in the 750i. It is equipped with a 4.8-liter V8 engine, producing an astonishing 360 horsepower in combination with rear-wheel drive. In terms of luxury features, you can easily spot the premium leather upholstery on the heated lounge-like seats with bazillion adjustments, soft door closing, 4-D surround sound, and rear electric sun visors.

According to Edmunds Reviews,

Approximately 70% of BMW 750i users are satisfied with its reliability. Therefore, we have added the BMW 750i to our list of most reliable BMW cars.

BMW 528i

2010 was a good year in BMW’s history because of the improvement of the 528i.

The technology used in the BMW 528i includes a 4-D surround sound system, 10-way adjustable seats with memory, heated mirrors, and air conditioning, along with a 3.0-liter V6 engine producing 230 horsepower. Strong, beautiful, and most importantly, reliable. It is crucial to realize that a car with such basic characteristics will never have a problem when it comes to its reliability.

BMW i3

In the lab, it has a range of 186 miles on a single charge. However, practically, these miles may go a bit low, but it is still enough for a common man. While not as powerful as previous gas-guzzlers, it still has 170hp, a peak torque of 184lb-ft, and a top speed of 93mph. When it comes to reliability, the i3 doesn’t disappoint. Since its release, it has been exceptionally free of complaints. Due to this fact, we have included the BMW i3 in our list of the most reliable BMW models.


How can we skip BMW MF in our list of most reliable BMW models 

The M series is one of the most powerful and reliable BMW models with exceptional performance. The BMW M4 is a 4 Series sports version with M badges on all major body parts. If you want a car that exceeds expectations, you might want to consider the M4 because of its machinery.

Its 3.0-liter V6 Biturbo engine has 425 horsepower, but unlike many turbo engines, it is thankfully free of maintenance issues.

BMW 330e

The BMW 330e is a plug-in hybrid compact sedan that has attracted a lot of customers over the years. It is a perfect daily driver, a great commuter, and a perfect weekend warrior. It is a good example of how practical and efficient hybrid vehicles can be.

This model was first introduced in 2016. It is a perfect hybrid that has earned the “Green Apple” award from the European Union. The car has a plug-in hybrid system that consists of an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. The battery capacity of the BMW 330e is a bit smaller than other hybrids, and it has a combined range of up to 22 miles between fully charged charges.

BMW 5 Series 

The model had received new features over the years but was one of the most reliable BMW cars ever made.

It has an impressive list of features and is available in several versions for luxury use and sports. It is known for having perfect handling and some great safety features as well.

BMW 7 Series (F01, F02, F03,F04)

The model was first introduced in 2003 and has received new features since then. This car is available in different types and is available in two trims for both rear differential and four-wheel drive options. The BMW 7 Series has received the 2011 Best Diesel Selection Award from Edmonds Mechanics.

BMW X1 (E84)

If you are looking for an elegant, practical, and highly reliable SUV, consider taking a closer look at the BMW X1. It is a small SUV that can comfortably accommodate five passengers. It comes in two trims, the xDrive 30i and xDrive 35i with a turbocharged diesel engine under the hood. This model surely deserves to be on our list of smart tech reliable BMW models.

BMW X3 (E83)

The BMW X3 has been a best-seller for BMW for many years now. It was introduced in 2000 and has received a few updates since then. Because of its reliability, we have added the BMW X3 to our list of the most reliable BMW cars. It comes in three trims, xDrive 30i, xDrive 35i, and xDrive 40i, with a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine under the hood.

Final Words

BMW is a powerhouse when it comes to design, performance, and luxury. It is no surprise that their cars are also among the most reliable ones on the market. We hope our article will help you to find the most reliable BMW model for yourself. Don’t forget to check the rest of our blog for more related content.

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