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Monkey Holding Box? Google Confused Black Youngster With Monkey

Google image search result of monkey holding box

Monkey holding box? What do you think about Google? The world’s most famous search engine never makes a blunder. Will you ever believe that Google can make a mistake?

Everyone agrees that using Google is a good idea. That is true. Due to its superior search results, Google dominates. You may find a drugstore by searching for it on Google. You may locate the phone number of a vehicle mechanic by searching for their name on Google. If you require to journey from home to anywhere you like, Google can help you with it. If you get lost, Google’s Google Maps app can help you find your way back. The weather prediction is available when you search for it on Google.

Further, a black youngster clutching a cardboard box may be seen when you Google “monkey holding box.” It’s quite funny that you have searched for a monkey holding a box, but we saw that there is a black boy holding a cardboard box.

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