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Kaspersky: Warns of Significant Supply Chain Attack Targeting Cryptocurrency Companies

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Several cryptocurrency businesses are now the target of a significant supply chain attack, according to cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab. An email spam attack is being used to carry out the incident, which aims to deceive victims into installing a harmful software upgrade that can steal personal information.

According to Kaspersky, the assault, which has been taking place since at least May 2022, is extremely complex and seems to be intended to break into the targeted firms’ private networks. The hackers behind the assault have gained access to the targeted organizations’ software supply chain, enabling them to disseminate harmful updates to a selected group of users.

Kaspersky has not yet identified the precise businesses that were attacked. The company said that just a few businesses in the Bitcoin sector had been impacted by the hack. The software employed in the assault, according to Kaspersky, is a BazaLoader trojan type. This trojan is popular for its capacity to avoid recognition by antivirus software and is frequently used in phishing scams. The virus may steal passwords, login credentials, and other private data after it has been deployed on a victim’s machine.

Companies in the cryptocurrency industry have been encouraged by Kaspersky to exercise caution and take precautions against the ongoing attack. To reduce the likelihood of a successful assault, the company advises businesses to deploy antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and personnel training. The current wave of high-profile supply chain hacks has included some high-profile attacks against Bitcoin firms.

In December 2021, a breach in SolarWinds’ software supply chain resulted in a massive compromise of business and government networks. Similar vulnerabilities were found in Kaseya’s software supply chain in February 2022, which resulted in a ransomware assault that hit hundreds of firms. The recent rash of supply chain assaults shows how important it is for businesses to be more proactive with cybersecurity. Businesses should safeguard their software supply chain in particular and keep an eye on their networks for any indications of prospective attacks.


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