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Is 800 On A Punching Machine Good; Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Score

Is 800 on a punching machine good

Getting a good punching score feels great when it comes to battling with friends. You can defeat your opponent with a high punching score, which will significantly highlight your rank. You might be thinking, is 800 on a punching machine good to practice? Let’s find out

The ability of humans to punch is not based on physical power but on mental power. This article will discuss the power of punching the machine and which factors determine this power. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What is a Punching Machine

Boxer Punch Machine is a boxing game in the form of a punching box with advanced gaming electronics. It gives great entertainment and enjoyment. usually found in various places, including gaming center bars, nightclubs, etc.

The player must hit the punching bag with full power to start the game When the punching bag is stroked—–  it goes to the surface and the power of the strike that sends it there is recorded and displayed as a score on the Monitor. Anyone who plays on the punching machine throws all the boxing skills they were taught.

What Is The Average Punching Capacity?

There is a force behind every punch that you will generally calculate as F= ma, which is the force based on mass and acceleration. But, for a punch, the mass cannot determine the force alone. You’ll need to consider some other elements as well.

Along with the body mass, fist size, and bone density also play a role in determining the power of a punch. However, the acceleration, technique, fast twitch fiber count, and hip rotation are also included in your muscles which help determine how fast you can punch on the machine. Moreover, the place where you punch has the most significant importance in determining the punching capacity of a person.

The overall force is determined in the units of psi or newtons per square meter. Is 800 on a punching machine good? An average person can punch with a force of 800-1200 Newton. Although it also relies on other points like body weight, shape, gender, skill, etc.

So, how can these factors determine the actual force on the punching machine? Let’s have a look at these factors.

Factors That Can Determine The Punching Capacity Of An Individual

Many factors play a role in the determination of punching capacity. Not everyone can have such abilities because of gender or genetic problems. But here are some essential factors that can help you build and punch up to 800.


Speed plays a vital role in generating force for punching on the machine. The more speed you have while punching, the more you’ll gain force and thus have a higher capacity while punching. Thus, is 800 on a punching machine good? Yes, that is the response. By working on improving your hand speed, you can punch as many as 800 times.

There are numerous ways to gain the speed of an elevated force. But you should consider that speed will be less if you have more mass even if you get training.


A person’s body weight is crucial in measuring an individual’s capacity for punching. The elevated the weight, the higher will be the punching force. If we look back at the history of the highest punching capacity, the individuals capable of 800 or more are heavy.

Thus, you need to increase your weight if you want high punching capacity. Being heavyweight means you should gain effective weight and not fats. Fats are unhealthy for the body and are not the weight you need to get higher punching force.

Thus, it would assist if you concentrate on getting muscles based on your body physique. Gaining fat will lessen your speed, and all your efforts will be in vain.

Strength of Muscles

To have maximum strength, most of your body should be involved in it. For this purpose, you need the strength of your entire body muscles. When you gain bigger muscles, your speed will be lessened; therefore, you should focus on increasing the fast twitch fiber count.

The boxers can punch hard because of this count. The best thing to do for the enhanced fast twitch fiber count is to do plyometric exercises.


All the above factors can only be fulfilled if you have a technique. There are a lot of martial arts for punching techniques, but it is good to have a boxing technique because of its significant effect. Is 800 on a punching machine good for you?

If you want 800 on a punching machine, you should practice boxing for the best technique.

Thus, if you follow all the factors and gain balanced strength, you’ll be able to get 800 on the punching machine. Keep your struggle hard, and then it will be good for you to have 800 on the punching machine.

Tips For Scoring 800 On Punching Machine

By following the above tips you can get a high score on the punching machine


Focus on the factors and practice well, as it is normal to have 800 for an individual. Consider your speed, body weight, muscles especially fast twitch fiber count, and last, your technique to have all these factors in hand. we hope our guide on —-Is 800 on a punching machine good will help you in getting a big score in the future on the punching machine.

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