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Why Is The iphone Charging Slowly, And How To Fix It

iPhone charging slowly

Why is the iPhone charging slowly? Want to know why this keeps happening to you? Is your iPhone charging slowly and the battery dying quickly? Does this problem create big trouble for you, and are you trying to find how to charge the iPhone faster? But I think you’ll be relieved to know that this is a relatively average experience, so you’re not alone.

The four components of the charging process (the charging port, the charging cable, the charger, and the software) may all contribute to the iPhone’s slow charging speed. The fast charger for the iPhone is among the most vital components. Find out why your iPhone charges so slowly and how to fix the problem here.

Why is the iPhone charging slowly?

If your iPhone is charging very slowly, you should first inspect the charger and cable for damage. Such as frayed wires or bent prongs, since these might be the cause.

Unihertz Jelly Pro also has the problem of charging slowly and the battery dying quickly. With a price tag of $110 and a length of a little over 3 inches, the Jelly Pro isn’t without its flaws. It’s frustrating when your phone’s battery takes too long to charge.

When the iPhone starts charging very slowly, keep these things in mind:

If the iPhone is not charging after a hard reset, Apple suggests charging it for 30 minutes. If these solutions fail, iPhone owners should get in touch with Apple Support and schedule a repair appointment.

Your new iPhone is slowly charging due to an incorrectly inserted charger or data cord. The charging connector is damaged, so the device is charging slowly—inefficient charging in hot environments and when the phone is already warm.

Reasons why the iPhone charging slowly

There are two leading causes for an iPhone charging slowly:

  1. If the amperage of the charger you’re using is too low, it will take a long time to charge your iPhone. Although all iPhone chargers must provide 5 volts, their amperage might range from 500 mA to 2.1 A, or 2100 mA. A higher amperage charger helps speed up the charging process for your iPhone. The fastest wireless charger for iPhone 13 can provide up to 15W of peak power supply.
  2. If your iPhone is charging slowly, it may be due to dirt or sludge that has become lodged in the Lightning connector. There are eight pins on the end of the Lightning cable (charging wire) you use to charge your iPhone, and if any of them get blocked with dirt and grime, the charging process will be slowed or stopped altogether.

Do you still have issues with your phone charging slowly?

How to charge iPhone faster

It’s helpful to have a simple way to charge your iPhone in a pinch. Perhaps you’re running out the door with an almost dead phone and just a few minutes to set it. Here are several ways to speed up your phone’s charging when the iPhone is charging slowly and draining quickly.

Turn Off Your Phone

Though it may seem like a straightforward piece of advice, shutting off your iPhone might be trickier than you think. The volume of information on your phone may cause you concern even for a short time. This is particularly true if your iPhone is charging slowly and the battery is dying quickly.

However, while your phone is off and not doing double duty, it will charge far more quickly.

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature for Your iPhone

Ensure your iPhone doesn’t become too hot when charging for optimal performance. Are you wondering “why my phone gets hot when charging?” This includes protecting the iPhone from direct sunlight and other sources of heat.

Keep your device away from the sun and any hot surfaces, including appliances or other gadgets.

The new iPhone battery charges slowly due to using any applications that might raise the temperature of your phone while setting. If your iPhone becomes too hot when charging, take it out of its case so the heat may escape. In most situations, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Set your iPhone to “Airplane Mode.”

Switching your iPhone to Airplane Mode is the next best thing when a total power outage isn’t an option.

“Airplane Mode” provides a brief break from these activities by temporarily turning off your device’s wireless radios. In laboratory tests, this improvement helps to solve the issue of why the iPhone is charging slowly. What may not seem like much might make a difference in this case?

Activate the Power Saving Mode

iPhone’s Low Power Mode, similar to Airplane Mode, helps speed up charging by decreasing the phone’s activity. When you switch to Low Power Mode, most background tasks are temporarily disabled or slowed down to save energy.

Automated email retrieval, automatic downloading, specific visuals, dropbox, auto-lock, and use of 5G are all impacted. Furthermore, it disables the “background app refresh” function. This app may slow your phone’s charging because it constantly searches for new information and updates, even while not in use. If these solutions are not working it means you have an old iPhone. The battery of your old phone may not be as strong as a new one.


Now you know why iPhone is charging so slowly, and you got the tips to solve this issue. Using these methods, your iPhone should charge more quickly, allowing you to avoid power outages and other emergencies.

But if you still have problems charging your phone, you should look into the issue further. If you have an old charger, try to switch to a new one. However, if you have already tried everything and are still having trouble charging your phone, I have one more suggestion. It’s time to upgrade your smartphones.

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