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What Is Dark Mode On Instagram – 2023?

how to turn on dark mode on instagram

Instagram is among the most popular and rapidly expanding platforms of social media. It was first released exclusively for iOS, but today it is also accessible on Android.

On Instagram, users may post pictures and videos. It has several features, including Feed for publishing material, Stories for sharing stuff that vanishes quickly, Direct Chat, IGTV for longer films, the Explore page for discovery, and Instagram’s Reels for making short videos.

One of them also has a feature similar to dark mode. The primary objective of this blog is to learn how to turn on dark mode on Instagram for both Android and iOS.

What Is the Dark Mode Of Instagram?

In 2019, Instagram launched the dark mode function. You can use Instagram’s dark mode function to employ the app’s darker color scheme. Its black and gray layout has since become an alternative to the customary white one.

The use of dark mode can extend the life of your mobile device. You may conserve a significant amount of electricity by using black pixels on your cellphone instead of white ones, which consume fewer resources.

The dark mode could also make things appear nicer to you visually. Lowering the light helps minimize eye fatigue, especially in the dark.

The dark mode on Instagram is meant to give users more freedom over how they browse their stories, which may be particularly helpful at midnight or in poor lighting.

The toggle key on the mobile device lets you change between the light and dark modes if you run an Instagram dark mode application. It is present on Instagram for iOS and Android.

How To Turn On Instagram’s Dark Mode?

Linked to the device’s preferences is Instagram’s dark mode. Typically, in order to use the dark mode on a social media platform, the dark mode must be activated on your mobile device.

How to turn on dark mode on Instagram for iPhone:

Since the latest and most latest edition of iOS, Instagram on your iPhone can be utilized in dark mode.

Below is a way to modify your system settings so that you can use Instagram in dark mode.

How to turn on dark mode on Instagram for Android:

The settings on your phone allow you to set up the dark mode for Android.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Instagram’s Dark Mode?



What If Instagram Dark Mode Not not working?

Listed below are a few methods that can help you fix the Instagram dark mode not working problem if you’re having any trouble with it.

Removing the cache Go to Settings on your smartphone, tap Instagram, then tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Wrapping Up

Most people have requested a feature called “dark mode.” It is the element of any software that is most frequently requested, and it is a design that has existed for a while.

People choose dark mode since it helps them focus better while they are operating. It can also help you do so in a more battery-efficient and even healthier way.

You might want to improve how your Instagram material gets noticed because it offers data that is simpler to view.


How do I turn on dark mode on the Instagram website?

You may access it by clicking on your profile photo in the corner below. Select the top. View the Tap Switch. Your appearance on will vary depending on how your mobile device is configured right now.

How do I change the theme in Instagram for Android?

Open a conversation to modify the theme. Select “Themes” after which click the individual’s username. Pick a topic. Choose the profile picture > Settings and privacy > Accessibility >Dark mode to enable the feature.

Select your display picture to access your profile. Select Settings, and then choose Accessibility.

How do I turn on dark mode on my Instagram PC?

To turn on Instagram dark mode on pc go to Settings > Start > Personalization > Color > Custom > Dark.

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