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How To Turn Off RTT On iPhone 11/12/13/14?

how to turn off rtt on iphone

The iPhone launches the RTT (Real Time Text) or TTY (Telephone utilizing Teletype) mobility function for persons with verbal and auditory challenges. RTT enables an individual to view reactions as each person writes data in real-time in a document.

Additionally, it may instantly send sounds as the individual inputs the words. Another advantage of this feature is the ability to store the message on your iPhone after the call ends and get it afterward. But ordinary people might find sufficient use for this function.

Furthermore, the text-to-voice transmission function may interfere with a call. Therefore, this blog will assist you in how to turn off RTT on your iPhone.

RTT On An iPhone: What Is It?

Real-time text, often known as RTT, may be familiar to iPhone owners. RTT is a function that enables text communication for those who have voice or auditory disorders. Rather than depending solely on talking to each other, it enables you to enter and view immediately while on the phone.

RTT is a substitute for TTY, also known as teletypewriter. TTY was once the standard method of text communication for those who had speech or hearing loss. RTT, which is incorporated into contemporary iPhones, is speedier and more dependable than TTY.

You should turn on RTT on your iPhone in order to take advantage of it, and the individual you are contacting must endorse RTT as well. You can utilize RTT with another RTT-capable gadget or with an exchange server that converts speech to text, as well as vice versa.

Why To Disable RTT On iPhone?

Real-time Text, or RTT for short, is a function that enables you to write and get text while on the phone, in case you are not used to it. Some individuals may prefer to turn it off for a variety of causes, even though it can be helpful to people with disabilities. Consider disabling RTT on your iPhone for the following explanations:

Unwelcome Disruptions

RTT might be annoying when you’re on the line, especially if you’re not comfortable reading text at that moment when you’re conversing with another. By turning it off, one can concentrate on the topic at hand with no distractions.

Confidentiality Issues:

Any individual who looks at the display of your phone can read the RTT texts. Turning off RTT can assist in preserving your privacy if you are in an open environment or near someone whom you would prefer not to view your communications.

Software Errors

The iOS may periodically exhibit irregularities due to bugs or software issues. The RTT function may behave autonomously and without individual interaction in response to a revision or core problem.

Less Suitable

RTT might not function with all hardware or networks. Turning off RTT could assist you in addressing your RTT problems. In general, choosing to disable RTT on your iPhone is a matter of convenience. You may quickly disable it in your iPhone’s settings if you don’t find it useful or if it interferes with phone calls.

How To Turn Off RTT On An iPhone?

When on a call, RTT can support real-time text entry or text-to-audio transmission. However, you can disable it by doing a few things:

How To Turn Off RTT On Android?

RTT is useful for a lot of individuals, but there may be times when you want to turn it off on Android. You may take charge of your phone’s operation by easily disabling the RTT capability on your Android handset. By following the steps that are given below, you can be able to turn off RTT on Andriod.


RTT is a smartphone function that enables improved messaging for people with auditory or communication difficulties. Now, you have an idea of how to enable and disable RTT by reading this post. You can get help from the Apple support center if you have trouble disabling the RTT feature on your iPhone. Have you ever experienced an issue with RTT’s enable and deactivate process? The review section welcomes your thoughts. Additionally, forward this article to those you know at work so they can learn more about the RTT function.


Why does RTT randomly turn on?

RTT can be turned on randomly due to many reasons. Some of them are Interaction with proximity sensors, recognizing background noise, display sensitivities, clashes between system apps, misunderstanding of an act for usability, etc.

How to turn off RTT on Samsung?

Open the Phone application. Click the icon in the top-right search field. Choose Settings. Choose “Accessibility” under “Settings”. TTY mode and RTT calls, among other options, are available here. These can be turned on or off from here.

How to turn off RTT on a Motorola phone?

To turn off RTT on a Motorola phone, Open the application> Options  > Settings >Accessibility > RRT > Tap on your choice.

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