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How To Restart Microsoft Surface A Complete Guide

How to Restart Microsoft Surface

Restart your Microsoft surface laptop once a week to make ensure your laptop can install new updates and revive your laptop’s cache to boost its execution. You may sometimes experience unusual activity with your laptop, like hanging or stopping to work. For this, you should restart your laptop. how to restart Microsoft Surface if you face these or relevant issues?  Keep reading to learn solutions based on the model of the Microsoft Surface.

For Microsoft Surface Pro Models 5,6,7,8,9 and X

If you are using the above-mentioned Surface Pro and Pro+ models, you must follow these steps to restart Microsoft surface.

Process of How to Restart Microsoft Surface Pro Models

For Surface Pro 2,3,4 and Book

To restart your laptop for these models, follow the steps below. It is somehow different from the above steps.

Method  of How to Restart Microsoft Surface

Things You Should Do Before Restart

Before you force restart your laptop, you must check and correct the things that may prevent your computer from working. Thus, you should do two tasks.

Disconnect Accessories

Your accessories may cause your surface not to turn on. To see if you are having these issues, follow these steps.

Use Keyboard And Shortcut Keys

If your surface laptop is not working after disconnecting accessories and charging the laptop, you can use this method to see if it works.


After these two ways, if you still have issues, you can force restart your laptop by using the above process.


Sometimes Microsoft Surface device freezes and held while working. Luckily there are ways to fix this issue You must have issues with your laptop if you are searching for how to restart Microsoft Surface. It is recommended to try the other things before you force restart your surface laptop.


Why should I Properly Shutdown my Microsoft Surface Laptop?

You should properly shut down your Microsoft surface laptop because of the following reasons:

  1. Properly shutting down your laptop Apply and install all available firmware, drivers, and Windows updates.
  2. Top up your Microsoft surface laptop’s system  for quick performance
  3. Save your laptop’s battery
  4. Avert your laptop from intense heating

Ensure you have saved all your work before you close your surface laptop or you may lose your unsaved documents when you close your laptop.

What is the Surface Pro Two Button Shutdown Process for Tablets?

Is Overheating or Freezing the Reason my Surface Device Won’t Turn on?

Microsoft Surface devices are made to withstand temperatures between 0° and 35°C. Going above or below the temperature could be the reason for not turning on your device.

Microsoft Surface PC, laptops, and tablets are designed in such ways to avert any data loss due to overheating or freezing. Therefore make sure the temperature of the surroundings of your room is average when you are using any Microsoft surface device.

Additionally, using games and apps that require a lot of storage can overheat your Surface device. A broken and cheap charger could also overheat your Microsoft surface laptop and tablet. Use a fan or air conditioner if you find your surface device overheating to maintain its temperature. Similarly use a room heater if you notice your surface device is freeing and not turning on.

What are the Main Reasons my Surface Pro Won’t Turn on?

If your surface pro is not turning on there could be some reasons and ways to resolve the issue. Mostly the issue can be resolved by some annulment. Start with the most obvious reasons possible and then go towards the difficult ones.

The first reason could be the low battery. you can simply solve this issue by plugging in the charger. Even after connecting the charger, if your surface pro is not turning on then check if the charging cable is damaged.

Other than these you can perform a restart option if your surface pro is not turning on.

I have mentioned the complete process of how to restart the Microsoft Surface above.

So you can perform the restart process by following the above mention methods.

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