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How to Lock Tesla Model Y Effectively: Top Security Strategies

How to Lock Tesla Model Y

How to lock Tesla Model Y? Well, it’s not a big deal. There are many techniques to lock and unlock it. You may feel it is a bit distinct from other models, like the Tesla Model 3, but trust me once you have learned it. It is more fun to lock and unlock your Tesla Model Y I have been driving a Model Y for the last two months. At first, it was a bit confusing, but after some time, it was just a piece of cake.

Let’s learn the different methods to lock model Y from touchscreen to manual.

How To Lock Tesla Model Y?

The thing I love about Tesla cars is their 4680 battery security features. With the Tesla Model Y, you do not have to be anxious about a thrift or any other mishap. Everyone knows that Model Y provides an auto-lock feature, but it’s not just that; there are others as well. And using a key fob is one of my favorites.

Different Methods To Lock Tesla Model Y

I prefer a key card to lock model Y. But there are other ways as well

How To Lock A Tesla Model Y With A Key Fob?

Model Y offers a special key that can lock and open the car. It has a key fob. All you need to do is click the lock key. By doing this, the car’s lights will start flashing. Then the doors will lock themselves. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Using a key fob is pretty simple. If you have it along with you, you don’t have to use it physically. Model Y has special sensors all around it. This sensor can notice when the key is nearby. Normally, it is within six feet. So, you can just bring it in your bag or pocket. I keep my key fob in my bag and open the car door by just pulling the handle.

To open the trunk of the car without the key fob, my father just presses the exterior door handle of the powered liftgate. The car automatically locks itself when the walk-away door lock is active. It only happens when you move away and the key fob is out of range.

How To Lock Tesla Model Y With A Mobile App?

The other method that I use to unlock the Tesla Model Y is using the app. When the Tesla app is connected to my smartphone, I manage my car’s many features. Particularly the locking and unlocking of the car.

To lock the Tesla Model Y 2023 with the app, here is what you should do:

You know there’s more about the Tesla app. You can also utilize it to inspect if your car is locked or not.

Can I Lock My Car With A Touchscreen?

Of course, you can lock it with a touchscreen. In fact, it is a very simple method of locking your car You can easily lock the doors, trunk, or windows of your car. All you have to do is select the lock option from the touchscreen and click it.

Similar to the Tesla app, we can also utilize it to inspect if the car is secure or unlocked.

How To Lock Tesla Model Y With key Card?

To improve the security of the Model Y, there is a key card to lock the car. I was amazed to look at the size of the key car. It is very small, so I carry it in my wallet.

  1. To use the key card for locking model Y, I have listed some points.
  2. Just put the in-on door on the autopilot camera’s front

There are three sensors to detect it. Once they detect it, the key card does some of the following:


The reason I prefer Tesla cars over other brands is pretty obvious. Tesla’s security features are very easy to use. And there are many methods to lock the Tesla Model Y. When you’ve learned how to lock your car, you’ll understand why I adore Tesla cars.


Can I use the auto lock in the Tesla Model Y?

Definitely, you can lock your car with the auto-lock feature. To do this, all you have to do is click on the lock option in the settings. You search for this option in the settings menu of the car.

Can I use a PIN code to lock my Model Y?

If you are more comfortable with the PIN code, then surely you can use it. You do not have to look for this option, like Sherlock Holmes. You can easily find this in the settings menu of the car.

Personally, I don’t prefer PIN codes because I’m always in a hurry and usually enter the wrong code. That‘s why it is a bit time-consuming for me. By the way, you can watch Sherlock at Hurawah.

What is the geofencing feature in the Tesla Model Y?

As you can get from its name, this lock is specially designed for selected areas. You can opt for any special area of your choice. After choosing an area, the car will automatically lock when you are in that region. For example, if you have selected the parking lot of your office, your car will lock itself when you enter the parking lot. Don’t you think it’s pretty cool?

Does the Tesla Model Y have mechanical handles?

Of course, it has mechanical handles. You can utilize them at any moment you want.

In case of total power shut, you can use a mechanical handle to easily lock or unlock the door.

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