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How To Delete Wallpaper On iPhone: Optimize Your iPhone Display

How to Delete Wallpaper on iPhone

Just like you can harness photo editing, you may wish to remove wallpapers on your iPhone if you have a collection. By completing a few easy steps, you may effortlessly remove a wallpaper. You should be aware that an iPhone wallpaper you remove will never return. So, please make sure that the images you use as wallpaper are stored in your iPhone’s Photo Library. How to delete wallpaper on an iPhone? Please stick with us to get the solution.

Why Is There a Need To know How To Delete Wallpaper On iPhone?

It’s important to know why you would wish to remove the wallpaper from your iPhone before we go into the methods: 

Design Shift: Be Always Trendy

Trends change as time passes. That’s why you might want a new wallpaper that matches your present preferences. 

Save Memory: Keep Only Valuables

Your iPhone’s memory may be occupied with outdated wallpapers. You can clear up storage for other programs and files by removing wallpapers that aren’t needed.

Improve Efficiency: Look Stylish

Occasionally, wallpaper might greatly impact the operation of the gadget you’re using. Removing unnecessary wallpapers can increase the overall efficiency of your phone.

What Are The Ways To Delete Wallpaper On An iPhone?

Now that you know how important it is to remove wallpaper, let’s look at several ways that you can do it:

Option 1: Delete Wallpaper On iPhone Settings

This strategy is the most direct method to remove wallpaper from your iPhone:

Your iPhone’s wallpaper will be removed; you may either set a new one or leave it unfilled.

Option 2: Delete Wallpapers With The Photos App

Though sometimes your iPhone photos happen to disappear out of something untoward, you may remove your wallpaper from the Photos app by choice:

The wallpaper will no longer be available for selection as wallpaper and will be deleted from your photos.

Option 3: Delete Wallpaper With Menu

This option is great to use when you want to delete and customize your wallpaper:

Once the background image has been deleted, you may either select another to use or keep it empty.

Option 4: Remove The Wallpaper From The Applications’ files

You may remove any background pictures that are stored in the file application by doing the following:

The wallpaper will be deleted from your file application.

How To Improve The Appearance Of Your iPhone After Deleting Wallpaper?

Let’s look at a few more ideas to help you personalize the look of your iPhone once you understand how to remove the background:


In conclusion, changing or deleting the background image on your iPhone is a fast and intuitive way to customize the appearance of your device while preserving its striking appearance. These techniques and suggestions can assist you in getting the results you want, no matter if your goal is to increase the amount of space, enhance efficiency, or just give your iPhone a new appearance. So, avail the adaptability to alter your iPhone to accommodate your preferences and plans!

FAQ’s about How To Delete Wallpaper On iPhone

How to delete wallpaper on iPhone 13?

Open the “Settings” tab. Once you’ve scrolled down, hit “Wallpaper.” Select “Photos” or “Albums” next to the “Select a New Wallpaper” option. To remove wallpaper, locate it and click to make it visible. Press the “Delete” button or hit the trash at the popup, and acknowledge that you want to erase it.

How to delete wallpaper on iPhone 14/ 14 pro max?

Tap your mobile home and press the left icon on your screen. You will be instructed to retrieve your phone. Your Home Screen picture will show up once you have completed it. The bin symbol will show up when you pull upwards.

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How to delete wallpaper on iPhone IOS 16?

You may already be aware of how to hide photos on iPhone new updates such as IOS 16. However, to delete wallpaper on iPhone IOS 16, first use the Face ID to gain access to your iPhone. Grab and squeeze the latch. Open the wallpaper collection by tapping on the display. You may drag to remove wallpaper. To access the chosen wallpaper, slide up. When the red garbage symbol shows up, tap it. When prompted, choose to remove to proceed.

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