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A Pragmatic Approach On How To Connect Apple Watch With Android Without iPhone?

Connect Apple Watch With Android

How to connect Apple Watch with Android without iPhone? If you are looking for a pragmatic solution to this problem, I can provide you with a constructive way out in this treatise. Apple Watch is full of potential and customized wearables that you can carry on your wrist.

I opt to purchase my Apple Watch to fulfill my desire to track my workouts, fitness schedules, plastic money (debit cards, credit cards), and everything while connecting to the “DigitalWorld”. I ordered this from “Apple Shopping Event ”. This facilitated me as I got an Apple Gift Card worth $50 which sweetened my purchase.

If you are an Apple Watch user and want to enjoy its tremendous features, while pairing with your Android Phone, you are at the right place. Here is the complete way of solving your problem.

How To Pair Apple Watch With Android Without iPhone?

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly the best smartwatch available in the market. If you want to pair it with your Android device, this article will help you significantly.

1- Make Sure Your Android Device Is Unlocked:

Ensure that the Android device is unlocked. This is essential for its connect the apple watch to android without iPhone.

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2- Takeaway The Subscriber Identifier Module Card From Your iPhone:

Subscriber Identifier Module card (usually known as SIM card) possesses all the information regarding your contact number, contacts, etc. It should be dealt with care. You need to insert the SIM removal tool in order to remove the SIM.

3- Insert Nano-SIM In The Android Device:

Fortunately, Android devices also use the same nano SIM card. The SIM card which is removed from the iPhone can be inserted into your Android device.

4- Power On The Android Phone:

You can power on your Android phone. Once the Android Phone is turned on, it can connect to the phone’s carrier’s network.

5- Turn On The Apple Watch:

You can activate the Apple Watch now. Now, you can receive calls on your Apple Watch while having the Android Phone as your primary device.

Why Can Not The Apple Watch Be Connected To An Android Device?

There can be the reasons why Apple Watch can not be connected to your Android device. These can be as follows:

1- Two Variants Of Apple Watch:

Apple watches can be of two types i.e. GPSApple Watch and cellular Apple Watch. We can differentiate these two types by the crown symbol on the power button. Hence, the user can connect cellular Apple Watch easily to the internet. However, it is not possible to connect the GPS enabled Apple Watch.

2- Inappropriate Configuration Of The Cellular Feature:

If the Apple Watch does not acquire the configuration of cellular feature, the user can not connect Apple Watch to an Android Phone.

3- Interrupted Internet Connection:

An uninterrupted internet connection is a vital element for the pairing of the Apple Watch and the Android device. If during the connectivity process, the connection is lost, it can cause connectivity issues.

4- Android Phone Is Not Turned Off While Configuring The Cellular Connection:

If the user can not turn off the Android Phone while configuring the cellular connection on the Apple Watch, this causes trouble in the connectivity between the Apple Watch and the Android device.



One of the tremendous attributes is, you can enjoy a battery life of up to 36 hours.

Once connected to an Android Phone, the battery life drained rapidly. Hence diminishes the battery life quickly.

You can easily monitor the intensity of your heartbeat. You can track your heartbeat easily whether you are struggling for a Marathon, or featuring your walking track. The ultimate purpose of a smartwatch is to share data. Data sharing is the ultimate purpose of smartphones and it is not possible while there is connectivity between both devices.
Apple Watch plays a vital role in tracking your sleep routine. The sound you sleep, the wise you are. If you are lacking the cellular mode of the Apple Watch, you can not connect it to Wi-Fi. This creates a connectivity issue with the Android device.
Apple App Store allows the user to download tremendous apps without using an iPhone. When Android Phone and Apple Watch are connected, there is no connection with the iPhone. This ultimately does not allow the updation of the apps.
You can customize the appearance of your watch as everything is in your control. As compared to other available alternatives, Apple Watches are very expensive.


Apple Watch has tremendous features including tracking, recording, and many others. If you want to carry your Apple Watch along with your Android phone, you can enjoy the features of your watch by pairing it with your Android 7.

Samsung is a technology giant like Apple. Samsung has also launched Technology wearable devices. But the user can connect Apple Watch to Samsung Phone without an iPhone.

Parents can control the Apple Watches of their children as they can limit their exposure to the screen and thus, control the time during which kids can use their Apple Watches. This helps the parents to limit the use of Watches by the kids as in this way, they can control their Screen time. So, children can play the games and use the apps during a specific time.

Kids can not have access to the “Digital World” throughout the day. Moreover, parents can restrict the use of Apple Watches during kids’ study time.

Apple has announced “Family Setup” recently. This is a new feature of the Apple Watch. According to this feature, parents can connect their watches with that of their kids, and hence, parents can check the location of the kids at any time.


How to pair an Apple Watch with an Android Phone without an iPhone? The answer to this simple question is yes, you can connect to Apple Watch by inserting your iPhone SIM card into your Android device. This allows you to use both devices simultaneously but you can not avail of the facility of customer support and some other features offered exclusively by Apple Watches.

The use of the Apple Watch with the Android System leads to battery draining very quickly. However, the best possible alternative is “Samsung Galaxy Watch 3”.The Android User can enjoy two days of battery life of the smartwatch while using Android Phone. For those who use Android Watches, this will be a better option as a wearable.

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