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Discover The Top 5 Pros And Cons Of Google Maps Satellite View

Google Maps Satellite View

With its advent in 2005, Google Maps has become an increasingly popular tool for navigation. After using satellite technology for phone tracking, Google announced that they were going to use Satellite imagery to view maps on mobile devices. With that announcement, came the Google Maps Satellite View which allowed users to view high-quality real visuals of any part of the world from any location.

How it Works

Similar to the satellite phones, the satellite imagery used in Google Maps View is extracted from several sources. It including commercial satellites and aerial photography. After the images are properly collected, they are processed and woven together to create a seamless, high-resolution depiction of the earth’s surface.

My Review

As a frequent traveler, I use Google Maps to navigate different locations. However, I always felt the need to have a bird’s eye view for a better sight of my routes. That’s when I decided to buy Google Maps View from Google’s official website. The more detailed view of the locations gave me a better understanding of what to expect and was especially helpful when it came to remote areas.

After buying the product, I decided to test this maps satellite mode in real life and planned to go on a hiking trip on the nearby hills. As I set out on my journey, it provided me with brilliant imagery, exceeding my expectations. It helped me a ton in navigating my pathways. Moreover, it helped me identify significant landmarks and rest points along the way. Additionally, I was able to get an idea of the weather and atmospheric conditions around the area which helped me in deciding what to bring with me.




1- How often does google maps satellite update?

Google Maps update on a regular basis. However, the frequency of updates may vary depending on geographical and other factors.

2- How to update google maps satellite view?

You cannot manually update google maps but you can request an update by first visiting the ‘Google Maps’ then selecting the location you want to be updated, and then clicking the ‘Feedback’ option to fill out the request form

3- How to see old google maps satellite images?

Select your desired Location. Click ‘View Historical Imagery’ and Select the ‘Time’ for which you want to see the images.

4- How to change google maps satellite view?

To change the Maps Satellite View, Open Google Maps. Navigate to the location you want to see. In order to switch to the default map mode, click the ‘Map’ button at the bottom-left of your screen.

5- How do I get google maps satellite view?

Open Google Maps. Select the Location and Click on the ‘Satellite’ button in the bottom left corner of the screen. It get a satellite view of the selected location.

6- How do I see a satellite view of my house?

Open Google Maps. Select the Location of your house on the map and Click on the ‘Satellite’ button in the bottom left corner of the screen to get a satellite view of your house.

7- Is Google Maps satellite view Live?

Although Google keeps updating the satellite imagery regularly, the Google Maps view is NOT live.

8- What is the Google Earth satellite?

Google Earth is a program that uses satellite imagery and aerial photography. It create a Three-Dimension image of the Earth’s surface. It allows users to see satellite-generated images of their cities and landmarks.


In conclusion, Google Maps Satellite View is a highly powerful feature that revolutionized the way people navigate. With the continuous digitalization of the world, this feature helped users put away their physical maps. It access visuals from all around the world in the palm of their hand.

It makes it extremely convenient for frequent travelers to navigate their pathways as well as to prepare beforehand for the geographical and climatic challenges ahead. Moreover, it helps people the traffic flow on their route and schedule their trips accordingly. After this marvelous tool of Google, it is yet to see what more can they do to change the way people navigate.

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