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From Elite Eight Teams To Final Four; NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Elite Eight teams

The Elite Eight is the round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament that features the eight remaining teams in the competition. These teams have already proven to be among the best in the tournament by winning multiple games and making it through to this stage.

Here are some general observations about Elite Eight teams:

The NCAA Tournament of the year 2023  has begun the Final Four round and after some exciting Elite Eight teams games, just four teams remain to throw their hats in the ringThe Elite Eight round saw an upset with Kansas State showing the outside table by Florida Atlantic and San Diego State succeeding by only a single point over Creighton.

Here are all the wins and losses with scores from the eight Elite Teams

Florida Atlantic won over Kansas State

Team Florida Atlantic played as a team and won over 3-seed Kansas State by a three-point margin. Florida led by more than four points at the closing of the first half of the match with a score of 42-38. And survived to live on top of the water, therefore allowing one point from the difference to beat them

UConn won from  Gonzaga 

It was a one-sided Elite Eight game of the 2023 season because UConn showed the performance to eliminate Gonzaga and advance to the Final Four. Even though Gonzaga was down by seven after the second half started, they couldn’t keep up with UConn after the break and scored 22 points to UConn’s 43.

San Diego State got a victory over Creighton

San Diego pulled off a one-point heist to enter the Final Four despite trailing by five points at halftime with the score at 28-33. Hence San Diego took a 29-23 lead into the second half and gave Creighton a hard time.

Miami conquer Texas

In the final Elite Eight Teams game of the year 2023, Miami emerged as the winner by seven points to get a position in the Final Four. Additionally, Texas led by more than eight points at halftime but could not stay the same and  Miami went on a rampage in the second half, by getting 51 points against Texas ’36.

NCAA Tournament final 4 teams that will fight this battle at the end are as follow

The match will be between  Florida Atlantic  vs San Diego State and  Miami vs UConn

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