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Facebook SEO: 10 Must-Do’s For More Traffic

Facebook SEO: 10 Must-Do’s For More Traffic

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In this era of digitization, having an impressive social media presence is of paramount importance to business organizations. Facebook is currently among the most popular and influential social media networks. Therefore, utilizing it for digital marketing is a smart business move. In fact, 93% of the busiest organizations use Facebook actively. Moreover, more than 200 million companies use the free tools and apps of Facebook.

Facebook boasts of business pages that exceed 160 million. In order to capture the opportunity to attract users, one must stand out. However, making a presence is challenging when competition is too severe. In today’s era, simply creating a Facebook business page is not enough for a business to thrive. One must use Facebook SEO to entice users and direct them to your website.

What is Facebook SEO?

Did you know that about 51% of users on Facebook are likely to purchase from the brands that they follow on the social media platform? The statistic displays the importance of conducting efficient digital marketing for business organizations.

Are you wondering what Facebook SEO is? Firstly, you must understand that Facebook is basically a website, and thus, the pages there are web pages. That is why the principle used to boost the number and quality of visitors on a website can also be applied here. Therefore, with the use of the best SEO principles, one can increase brand visibility and improve web traffic. Moreover, it also offers the opportunity to rank higher in both Facebook and other search engine rankings.

Ten tips to gain more traffic via Facebook SEO

Boosting traffic through Facebook SEO involves several key steps. There are several marketing strategies that can be used to grow a business. Make the most of this marketing opportunity by implementing the tips provided here.

1. Opt for a catchy Facebook page name

One of the significant steps to improving Facebook SEO is to choose a trendy Facebook page name. Here, it’s essential to understand what methods can increase your website traffic. Keep in mind that as per SEO principles, the keyword must be present in the page name. However, using too many keywords can lead to a horrible display of show-off. The best solution is to use a single but well-searched long-tail keyword as your name.

2. Start research on SEO keywords

Performing SEO keyword research stands out as a critical element of Facebook SEO. It is pertinent that you understand which phrases people use to search for businesses similar to yours on the web. You can then use those in your Facebook content to increase organic traffic. People often think that keyword research is extremely tough. Simply enter the most relevant phrases related to your business into the search engine. There, you will get a list of related keywords.

3. Claim the vanity URL

Upon the creation of a Facebook business page, there is an automated generation of a dynamic URL. However, to boost SEO, you need to customize the vanity URL of your Facebook page. The vanity URL is actually the customized username that you choose to identify your Facebook business page. Customizing this vanity URL is considerably easier. You can make the desired changes in the Page Settings option.

4. Add location to improve local SEO

For small businesses, leveraging local SEO is an excellent marketing decision. Facebook users often search for a particular product or service in a specific area. That is why including detailed information on your location is remarkably vital. For that, you must add a zip code, country, city, and address in the “About” section. The display of such information will also help in building trust among the users.

5. Place SEO keywords strategically

Keywords are a crucial factor that can help in improving the SEO of a Facebook page. This indicates that you need to place them throughout the page in a strategic manner. Make sure that you put long-tail keywords in different sections. These include the section, notes, description section, updates, photo caption, and headline. You can also utilize tools that assist in keyword research to further enhance your strategy.

6. Generate backlinks

Backlinks are undoubtedly a vital aspect of Facebook SEO. They act like positive reviews that can aid in building credibility. In fact, the more premium-quality backlinks that you can incorporate into your Facebook page, the more chances you have on the search engine results page. The best way to add high-quality backlinks is to ask reputable, authoritative sources to include your Facebook business page link on their platforms.

7. Put compelling content in the “About” tab

The character limit to write about your company on the “About” tab is 155. That means you can’t use too many words. It also means that you must be smart and use choice words that can double as potential SEO keywords. It is vital that you make the section intriguing to hook the visitors. The majority of people often review the ‘About’ section before deciding whether to follow you or not.

8. Post content that uses the SEO keywords

To improve the overall search rankings, it is vital to post comments that are filled with SEO keywords. Whether the videos, blogs, or photos you share, you must add the necessary keywords strategically. Another benefit of posting SEO blogs is that you increase your chances of discovery while driving traffic to your website.

9. Add CTA (Call to Action)

It goes without saying that gaining more customers is the reason for creating the Facebook business page in the first place. But, it is essential to incorporate a CTA for clarity. It is to ensure that your audience understands what you want to say. Moreover, driving that traffic to your web page will definitely help with the search engine rankings. For an effective CTA, it is vital to integrate action words like sign up, download, learn more, etc.

10. Customize Facebook page tabs

One of the most widely popular Facebook SEO strategies is the customization of the Facebook page tabs. In order to draw attraction to the page, you can create custom tabs, like photos, posts, podcasts, reviews, and more. Moreover, you can always eliminate tabs that take up space for no reason. It will enhance the audience’s ability to navigate the Facebook business page.

These are the top ten tips that you can leverage to increase your search engine result page ranking. Additionally, it will contribute to enhancing the organic reach of your Facebook business page. Keep in mind that not all strategies for maximum Facebook SEO optimization work. You can try different tactics and observe what aligns best with your business organization. With increased traffic, you can now attain an increment in ROI and overall sales.

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