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Are you stuck wondering what exciting new technology company is worth investing in? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. Still, luckily for you and many others pondering the same question, this article will have all the answers you are looking for in what technology company is worth investing in.
A lot of companies are working on improving their technology. The truth is that investing in exciting new technology companies can be a wise and profitable move because you know what technology company to invest in. This article will show you how to play your cards right so you can benefit from being on the right side of an investment deal.


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Does anyone want some Netflix and chill? Sorry not the time, but it is the time to invest in this online streaming service. To be honest, it is 2021 a television is dying. People are no longer looking to pay such a high fee for Sky bundle packages or Cable TV.

Netflix has capitalised on this new way of thinking and has smartly offered unique subscriptions to choose from at such a low price, boosting their revenue at a very steady rate.

Netflix’s financial performance shows they are continuing to grow as, by the end of 2018, they were expected to make a revenue of $8.7 billion. To further elaborate on their financial performance in 2018, it had risen by 23% from 2017.

The good news is the company is continuing to grow, and the technology business profits are continuing to increase. These statistics show that Netflix is an exciting new technology company worth investing in.

Priceline Group

Do you ever want to escape on an extended vacation? Don’t be afraid you are not the only person to have those travelling concerns. This is why Priceline Group’s revenue is continuing to rise. Priceline Group is currently the world’s leading online travel company to further elaborate on this.

To explain what Priceline is, it is one shop where you can buy everything for travelling. For example, you can buy your plane tickets, book your hotel room and rent your vehicle to travel around in. The company’s financial performance shows that they do not plan on declining anytime soon.

According to financial reports, this is because, in 2015, Priceline brought in a whopping $9.2 billion in revenue. To further elaborate on this, that billion-dollar figure was a rise of 25% from the previous year.

The final reason you should invest in this technology company in 2021 is that the company’s operating profit was almost $3.3 billion, which is equivalent to 36% of its revenue. This shows that the online travelling industry, specifically Priceline Group, is an exciting new technology company worth investing in.

Cyber security- FireEye

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Do any of you remember the infamous iCloud celebrity hacking scandal? Let me remind you, this was the scandal. Where all personal details and photos of celebrities were leaked online because of hackers.

Because of this scandal, cyber security programmes such as FireEye see massive growth in sales because people do not want their private details leaked all over the internet by these hackers. For example, the entire cyber security market is now expected to grow by a mouth dropping $170 billion annually by 2021.

The total spending on cyber security equipment such as firewalls in 2021 was projected to increase by 13%. It has been estimated by some brokerage firms such as CMC Markets that the Cybersecurity industry will decrease to about 8%, but that is still a very promising and impressive figure.

The research of brokerage firms such as CMC Markets shows that the cyber security industry; specifically the FireEye Company, is an exciting new technology company worth investing in.

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This article was just an example of a few of the technology companies you can invest in, in 2021. The truth is technology is continuing to grow and expand in 2021 with a whole new range of products. This means that all these new technology products these companies are releasing make for a lot of exciting and new opportunities for people to invest in.

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