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Do You Have This Technology in Your Camera? An Orgenic Sensor!

A sensor plays a role of convertor that measure a physical quantity and converts into a light from the lens to electrical signals which can be read and observe by an electronic instrument if we take an example of thermometer then we can understand it clearly in a glass thermometer  how mercury measured temperature and convert it extended into a liquid form which show results on the glass tube.
Now a days sensors are used in daily objects  such as light sensitive sensors , touch sensitive button that is used in elevator which provide help to the direction.

Sensitive light image sensor

Researchers have developed a latest that are more light sensitive than other silicon sensors .They consist of electricity control plastic .Which sprayed on the ultra  slim layer surface of the Sensor .The spray that is made of the chemical composition  fall of  it the invisible rang light distribution can be capture automatically.

5 Mega pixel IP camera

The image sensor is used in every digital camera , the sensor first converts the light into electrical signals before the snapshot appears  then the image processor uses these signals to produce the photo. Many cell phone and Smartphones cameras contain a silicon sensor using CMOS technology. Different research professors improved this sensor and introduced new technology and tested spin and spray coating method and exchange plastic as its liquid and make it more cost  effective . The researcher is working on a smooth plastic film which is not more than hundred of nanometers big . Spray coating method is more effective and best simple method by using a spray gun. The organic sensor proved to be a three times more light sensitive than other silicon sensors

High light sensitivity

We have mentioned above the organic sensors are more light sensitive than other conventional sensors. These sensors are less expensive and have made less manufacturing cost. It uses a micro lens to capture the image by light .Every electronic pixel sprayed  with a liquid solution that show a surface that is highly light sensitive

Low cost developing sensor

The organic sensor made of plastic in which used different chemical component to capture the light sequence now PCBM and P3HT is considered best detector of light. now researchers have planed to use these sensors in the cell phone camera the upcoming future.

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