Turn your Chopsticks into valuable items

Staying at home ordering sushi on regular basis must have left you with a huge number of chopsticks. That’s right! Old chopsticks for eating but, have you ever thought to turn your chopsticks into valuable items?

A highly qualified student name Felix, from the University of British Columbia, in Canada, was working on a proposal to convince people that waste wood can be reused. Felix was thinking about those small destruct wood pieces that must not be thrown away as waste. Certainly, this is because there should not be something as a waste of resources, as there’s always a way to recycle wood. 

Innovation of ChopValue From Chopsticks 

A woman seating next to him named Thalia, who is his fiancee looking at Felix rolling the chopstick curiously. Suddenly said to him, maybe it would be better if you give to start with that chopstick to provide your idea. Here is where the idea was innovated over the sushi meal trays. 

The very next day Felix started sketching out images that could be constructed by those chopsticks giving it a second life. The combination of sketched ideas soon join into an action plan: 

  • Recycling all the chopsticks from the bin of the sushi restaurants in Vancouver. 
  •  Once collected, it would pass from the washing process for cleaning.
  •  Chopsticks are originated from the bamboo plant, which could be used within household items.

Felix’s company ChopValue sells items that may range from table stands to shelves for decoration. His footprint slowly expanded across North America. During four years of hard work he creating employment for more than 35 people in the US.

Overall, Felix’s greatest innovation is the 32m chopsticks which transformed into wooden tiles. Today wooden tiles are one of the most favorite floorings in the United States. 

His business message of ChopValue is not only for women using a chopstick as a hair stick but, for people in general. Felix is focused on convincing people to think if, you feel good about throwing chopsticks after finishing your sushi. 

Felix’s reusable chopsticks idea is yet growing an Aha! moment if, we actually understand what he is telling us. A restaurant serving hundreds of chop-sticks going into the bin can truly circular economy to create an industry of artwork. 

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