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Cloud Computing – A Review of Latest Technology in Computer Field

The horizons for developments in computer technology seem to be expanding all the time. Each development opens the doors to further developments and advancements in research. At the moment, the most significant development to watch out for is cloud computing. Although it has been speculated for a long time, the possibility of cloud computing being there for everyday users may be realized in only a matter of months.

User-Friendly Technology

Cloud computing is a technological development that aims to make the most efficient use of computing and server space. With cloud computing, the problems of low computing or disc space will not be faced by the user since almost all of the data will be stored in an online environment by default. This environment is metaphorically referred to as the cloud. With cloud computing, all the major applications such as Microsoft Office will be installed on the computer in the same manner as updates are installed from the central Microsoft server. In addition, all your data files will not need to be saved on your computer (unless you wish so). Instead, they will be stored on cloud servers.


Thanks to cloud computing, you will be able to access your data from any computer at any place in the world. You will not be restricted to carrying around your laptop on flights as you travel halfway across the world. There will be no danger of losing your computer or it getting stolen. No matter where you are, you would only need a computer with an Internet connection to retrieve your files from the cloud and start working on them from the computer. Microsoft has already incorporated cloud computing in the latest 2013 Microsoft office suite. It is likely that other companies will follow suit.

The Rise of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is seen as the next big revolution in manufacturing and computing technology. Thanks to nanotechnology, computers will find use in many more applications than could be conceived. Microscopic computing devices are being developed for use in defense, health, and many other sectors.

Smartphones: What’s Next?

The smartphone has been a revolutionary product that has blurred the lines of distinction between computers and mobile phones. The trend is likely to continue as multifunctional devices based on wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth continue to be developed. The development of browsers supported by multiple operating systems will also promote the development of mobile computing.

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