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Can Satellite Phones Be Tracked? | How to Track Satellite Phones

can satellite phones be tracked

In contrast to landline phones, satellite phones rely on a network of satellites to place and receive calls. If you are wondering can satellite phones be tracked? Then the answer is yes. A satellite phone tracker may utilize these satellites to track a satellite phone user’s position roughly. This method works, but it often must be corrected by 32 feet (10 meters) to 98 feet (30 meters). The primary consumers of military satellite phone technology are the military and foreign travelers. They use it to locate opponents or to determine one’s location. The satellite phone itself has a tracking application, or one might be downloaded from the internet or another device.

Can Satellite Phones Be Tracked

Instead of using the standard cellular network, satellite phones make direct contact with a communications satellite. This feature makes the phone indispensable in areas without standard mobile phone service. Can satellite phones be tracked? Nevertheless, GPS satellite tracking is still a standard feature; therefore, manufacturers include GPS chips in mobile devices. Here are the ways to track a satellite phone:

Calling Cost

Compared to phoning them via a landline or a standard cellphone, the cost of a satellite phone call is just between $0.15 to $2 per minute. Data transmission costs, especially for high-speed data, may be relatively high. Depending on the kind of service you use, you should expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $14 per min to contact Iridium, Thuraya, or Inmarsat from a landline or cellphone. Unless they use a reverse-charge service, the person they call will not be charged for receiving the call.

There might be significant price differences when making a call from one satellite phone network to another, sometimes reaching $15 per minute.

Unless you have a specific plan, a call from a satellite phone to a landline will cost you between $0.80 and $1.50 per minute. Such sales are often restricted to areas with little foot traffic.

Prepaid plans are available from most satellite phone companies, and voucher amounts may be anywhere from $100 to $5,000.

Pros And Cons Of Satellite Phones


  1. When there is no mobile phone service or other means of connecting to the outside world, satellite phones go where others fear to go.
  2. Communications that use the ground have a wide range of governments and security organizations monitoring them. Forcibly shutting down networks is a typical method by authoritarian governments to quiet populations and hunt for their perceived opponents.
  3. You’ve never experienced high-speed internet until you’ve used a satellite phone to surf the web.


  1. The gadgets are significant. However, larger screens provide less functionality than smartphones due to their larger screen size.
  2. The expense of utilizing a satellite phone is something you can’t avoid. Calling someone is a very costly endeavor. Even if a user is on the receiving end of a call, they will still be charged.
  3. The transmission delay introduced by these devices, particularly when coupled to geosynchronous satellites, is another drawback.
  4. As there are only so many geosynchronous satellites in orbit, the whole network goes dark when one of them goes down for maintenance.
  5. Line-of-sight problems would impact the device regardless of the network it was linked to. As a practical matter, this implies that there can be no obstructions between the phone and the satellite.
  6. Connecting them to a geosynchronous network complicates getting them ready for usage. This issue is connected to the size of the required parts.


How do satellite phones work?

Your gadget sends its signal to the closest satellite, which relays it to the closest gateway, or land-based center, which sends it to the recipient phone, a phone service, a smartphone, or any satellite phone.

Do satellite phones work everywhere?

You can use your satellite phone anywhere you have a good view of the sky. They rely on satellites in Earth’s orbit; therefore, they can only operate under a clear sky. Satellites provide worldwide service, even in remote locations like the arctic, the desert, or the middle of the ocean.

What are satellite phones?

The range of cellular networks is restricted, whereas satellite phones can connect you to everyone worldwide at the same flat charge. You can track satellite phones easily.

Are satellite phones illegal in us?

Satellite phones are global in that you can use them anywhere. However, there are nations where this is not allowed at all.

Are satellite phones secure?

Many nations have the resources to break the encryption employed by satellite phones. Standard encryption methods may prevent surveillance and discovery but may not provide absolute safety.


It is possible to track the specific position of any satellite phone using just its coordinates. A Service Provider’s access to subscriber information allows for the phone’s owner to be identified and located. Among all phones, sat phones could be the simplest to intercept strategically.

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