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The Best Camera Arms For Hunting: Techniques For The Perfect Shots In The Wild

Camera Arms For Hunting

Hunters can capture their experiences on film from various angles by using camera arms for hunting that hold video cameras in place while filming, along with game cameras that are lightweight, adjustable, and easy to set up.

I’m an avid hunter and videographer. I needed help finding the perfect camera arm to capture my hunting adventures. After researching and receiving recommendations from fellow hunters, I bought the Fourth Arrow Lightning Camera Arm from the Hunting Public website.

Choosing The Fourth Arrow Lightning Camera Arm

I chose this site because it’s a one-stop shop for all hunting-related products, including camera arms. The Hunting Public has a great reputation for providing high-quality products at competitive prices. I’ve never been disappointed with the purchases I made from them.

If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-packed trail camera, I highly recommend the Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera.

My purchase was to improve my hunting camera setup and capture better footage of my hunts. With the Fourth Arrow Lightning Camera Arm, I knew I could finally achieve the perfect angle for filming my hunts.

Plus, the camera arm is lightweight and easy to set up, making it perfect for on-the-go filming.

Testing The Camera Arm And Trail Camera On A Hunting Trip

Last hunting season, I decided to test the Fourth Arrow Lightning Camera Arm on a deer hunting trip. I attached my camera to the arm and mounted it on a tree stand. As I waited for a deer, I adjusted the camera angle effortlessly with the arm’s smooth and silent motion. When the moment arrived, I hit record, and the camera arm held steady, capturing the perfect shot. Additionally, I also used the Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera to capture some great footage of the surrounding wildlife.

I highly recommend the Fourth Arrow Lightning Camera Arm for those seeking a camera arm for hunting. It’s easy to set up and ideal for DIY enthusiasts, with plenty of resources available for creating a DIY hunting camera arm using this product. You can find more information at Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera.


My purchase of the Fourth Arrow Lightning Camera Arm from the Hunting Public website has thrilled me. It’s a game-changer for any hunter seeking to improve their filming setup. I’m excited to use it on many more hunting trips to come. And for those wondering, the Hunting Public also recommends this camera arm for their hunting video content production.


There are many benefits to using camera arms, including:

Versatility: Camera arms for hunting come in various designs and sizes, making them suitable for use in various hunting situations. You can use them in tree stands, ground blinds, and even on the move while stalking games.

Additionally, we can also use trail cameras such as the Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera to capture footage of wildlife in hunting areas.

Improved footage: By using a camera arm, hunters can achieve more stable footage and get better shots of the action. They allow for smoother panning and tilting, keeping the camera steady and in the right position.

Easy to use: Most camera arms for hunting are designed to be lightweight and easy to set up, making them ideal for use in the field. They typically feature quick-release mechanisms for easy installation and removal, so hunters can set up and start filming quickly.

Customization: Many camera arms are highly adjustable, allowing hunters the perfect angle for their shots. They can be adjusted for height, length, and tilt; some models even have motion camera arm sensors that can be programmed to follow the action automatically.

Compatible with different cameras: Camera arms are designed to work with a range of cameras, so hunters can choose the model that best suits their needs. From GoPros to DSLRs, a camera arm can hold almost any type of camera.

Some popular camera arms for hunting include the Fourth Arrow, Hawk, and DIY camera arms. The Hunting Public, a popular hunting content production company, uses Fourth Arrow camera arms for their hunting video content. Using a camera arm for hunting is a great way to capture and share the excitement of the hunt. Additionally, trail cameras, like Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera, can be a useful tools for scouting and monitoring game activity in hunting areas.


While camera arms for hunting have many benefits, Here are some cons to consider:

Additional weight: Adding a camera arm to your hunting gear means carrying extra weight, which can be challenging for some hunters, especially when hunting on foot.

Cost: Good quality camera arms for hunting can be expensive, which can be a barrier for some hunters on a budget. While cheaper DIY options are available, they may not be as reliable or sturdy as commercial models.

Increased visibility: Using a camera arm can make you more visible to the game, potentially making it more difficult to get close enough for a good shot.

Setup time: Setting up a camera arm can take some time, and it may not always be practical in situations where you need to move quickly.

Limited mobility: Depending on the design of the camera arm, it may restrict your mobility or limit your ability to maneuver in certain hunting situations.

To determine if a camera arm is right for you, weigh its pros and cons. Ultimately, the decision depends on your preferences, hunting style, and desired footage. If you need a trail camera to complement your setup, check out the Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera.

What camera does the hunting public use? It depends on personal preference and budget. Some popular options include GoPros, DSLRs, and action cameras. DIY camera arms for hunting, many online resources are available for creating your own camera arm using materials such as PVC pipes, metal tubing, and clamps.


How much does the fourth arrow camera arm weigh?

The Fourth Arrow camera arm’s weight varies by model, but the “Carbon Arm” flagship weighs 4.25 lbs.

How do you set up a fourth arrow camera arm?

Setting up a Fourth Arrow camera arm involves securing it to a tree or support with straps or brackets, then attaching the camera via a quick-release plate. Instructions and video tutorials are available on their website.

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