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Audi Unveils Shapeshifting Concept Car | A New Update For Skysphere

Audi Unveils Shapeshifting Concept

Audi unveils shapeshifting concept car is a magnificent interactive roadster that is the first in a planned line of innovative concept cars. Known as the Audi Skysphere concept, this two-door convertible has electric propulsion and styling cues that point to future Audi production vehicles. It represents the company’s hope for the progressive luxury market of the day. The car’s cabin is a platform for engaging experiences rather than a passive passenger compartment. Autonomous driving, an all-new interior, and a well-integrated digital environment make this a reality. Let’s learn more about the cool stuff that makes this shapeshifting car of the future appealing.

Audi Skysphere’s Driving Modes And Design

According to reports, a 1931 Audi Horch 853 inspired the Skysphere. That implies it’s still a roadster because it has a long, low profile and a sloping roofline. However, it has a far more contemporary design than the Horch, which looks like a vehicle from the 1970s.

Audi unveils shapeshifting demonstrates the company’s commitment to the industry’s future by expanding the definition of luxury beyond the automobile. The concept car’s designers set out to create an environment where passengers may have unforgettable, first-rate adventures.

Two Driving Modes

The Audi skysphere concept provides two distinct driving experiences to its occupants: a great touring experience and a sports experience. The adjustable wheelbase is a stunning technological element put to good use here. It uses electric motors and a complicated system with sliding bodies and frame pieces. The vehicle’s wheelbase and total length may be modified by up to 250 millimeters. Concurrently, the vehicle’s ground height is lowered by 10 mm to improve the ride quality and handling.

The driver can pilot the 4.94-meter-long e-roadster in “Sports” mode with a shortened length, while the rear wheel steering keeps the vehicle agile and responsive despite its size. On the other hand, customers may choose to be escorted about in a 5.19-meter GT operating in autonomous “Grand Touring” mode, where they can take in the sights, stretch out in the spacious cabin, and use the digital ecosystem’s many convenient features.

Audi Skysphere Dimensions – The Exterior

The classic Horch 853 convertible and the Audi skysphere have a similar footprint, measuring 5.23 meters in length and 1.85 meters in width. With its distinctive design, the classic Horch could reach a height of 1.77 meters, depending on the car’s body form. In contrast, the Audi Skysphere, it’s driverless descendent, lowers itself to the ground in Sport mode at a flat 1.23 meters, with a lowered center of gravity and improved aerodynamics. The concept of the automobile acknowledges the legacy of the original without becoming a carbon copy.

Although it isn’t a radiator grill anymore, the front end still has the signature Singleframe and lighted four-ringed logo. White LED components are integrated into the design of the whole Singleframe and surrounding surfaces on the sides, creating a platform for visual effects such as functional effects and moving welcome sequences triggered by the opening and closing of the vehicle’s doors.

The Interior: Two Spheres Of Expertise In One

Audi focuses on its future concept vehicles, the Audi Skysphere, Audi Urbansphere, and Audi Grandsphere on the inside area (“sphere”). This wraps the occupants and transforms them into an experience for them. This is because all three cars are capable of “level 4” autonomous driving. This means that the driver may hand over full control to the vehicle under specific conditions. Due to the electric drivetrain, the internal combustion engine has been swapped out with a motor producing 623 horsepower and an 80-kilowatt-hour battery. Audi claims a 0-60 time of 4.0 seconds and a torque of 553.0 ft-lbs. The WLTP testing cycle estimates a range of 310 miles for this vehicle.

For this reason, the pedals and steering wheel may be hidden away while not in use. And owing to the digital environment in the Audi skysphere, riders, even the one in the front left seat, may experience a new kind of liberty. You can relax outside, take in the scenery and breeze, or connect with friends and family online or in person.

Audi Unveils Shapeshifting Concept Car

Although the Audi unveils shapeshifting concept is remarkable, it isn’t plausible. Mechanisms are built inside the automobile that propels it forward and lowers it to transform it from GT to Roadster form. In addition, the automobile has to use its active aerodynamics system to generate additional downforce.

The passenger seat must be shifted rearward, and the driving wheel, dashboard, and pedals must also be shifted forward.

A lot of material would need to be relocated, and plenty may need to be corrected. One day we might see a vehicle like this in production, but it remains a concept automobile for now. Some of these innovations make it into mass-produced

We anticipate two more concept cars from Audi in the next months, the Grandsphere and the Urbansphere, so the automaker is not dreaming. Nothing much has been learned, but we can assume they will be just as bizarre and fascinating as the Skysphere.


Audi hopes to solve the industry’s problem by incorporating this shapeshifting technology. Proponents of autonomous cars argue that they can improve human drivers’ safety and pave the way for new ideas about what an automobile can and should be. However, one obstacle they must overcome is widespread acceptance among drivers who value experience. That demographic is important to Audi because of the brand’s emphasis on performance and speed. Because of this, they may drive away feeling satisfied, knowing they made a reasonable compromise by purchasing this vehicle.

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