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Apple’s Five Worst Products of All Time


You would have seen many countdowns, but this countdown is unique. Why? It is distinctive because it will talk about Apple’s worst products in the market rather boasting about its best flops of all times. The products mentioned here were full of drawbacks which lead to its downfall.

Logically, the list must contain “Apple Newton MessagePad” yet; you would not find it inside it since it had vision at least and the reason for its botch were different. It was potentially a powerful device when we look into its software, experts called it “Proto-iPhone”.

Well, let us kick off the count down now:-

1.    Macintoch TV

Macintosh TV was released in 1997 with an aim to let you watch television. However, it could not do well in this regard. It only supported NTSC videos, since it had a built-in TV tuning card. It could display 16-bit pictures on television while the computer could only back 8-bit graphics and it was built by 1993 standards. Hence, the device sunk, even being an interesting idea for that time.

2.    Apple III

With Apple III critics and researchers, both had high expectations but it flopped for many reasons, it had to fill the shoes of Apple II but the price tag and design did not let it do so. In 1980, its cost was $7,800 without any fan inside the pc. Though, it was slighter in size than Apple II but what if it fried?

3.    eWorld

In June 1994, it released eworld with ends to have a go at AOL; it had an urbane layout which means if you had to chat, you would go to the “Town Hall” button and for reading emails, you click the “post office” icon. It allured many but the problem was its sky-soaring price. It was making $5 during business hours, while at night the rate became $8. Moreover, it was the time of using dial-up connections. Therefore, eworld wrapped up within two years.

4.    LC Line/Performa

LC Line and Performa computers were disastrous for Apple Inc. Yes, they were that damaging. The software offered in them was faulty; it rarely worked. And if you try to add a hard drive or memory, it computer would automatically, become an atypical model than the original. This thing confused the user and discouraged them to go for it. There were fly-by-night type, over-priced, dreadful and had shoddy components inside.

5.    Pippin

Pippin was another attempt of Apple’s co after Macintosh TV to enter the living rooms of the world. It was in fact an unvarnished Mac (gaming console) that published while coordinating with Bandai, back in 1996. It was again excessively high-priced and powerless.

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