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The Apple iPhone 7 Continues to Move Smartphones Into the Future

Apple has always been on the edge of innovation with its mobile technology, and the much anticipated iPhone 7 lives up to the Apple brand. Looking forward to tomorrow’s entertainment, the iPhone 7 enhances the wireless experience and prepares for the exploration of virtual reality entertainment. Before upgrading, make sure to compare to the older iPhone models to make sure your investment will be worthwhile.

Upgrades To The Basics

The body will be all-metal, giving a weight that feels high quality but not heavy, and the phone will also be waterproof. Visual resolution will go to improve & probably reach at least 2K. Which will put this model back in competition with Android phones. The iPhone 7 will have a boost in power to 3GB of RAM, and an improved sensor in the camera lens to produce better pictures in low light conditions.

New Features For New Ideas

The 5mm jack will be missing from the iPhone 7, which will slim the phone down to a sleek 6mm and move customers into the world of wireless music. As most users who listen to music on their phones; Can attest, wires get in the way of sports and other active pursuits.

Wireless ear pods that will be compatible with the new model will allow music without cords, although people who still want to plug in their headphones can use the lightning port.

The iPhone 7 will have an EMI cover for every major chip. Since Electromagnetic interference degrades the quality of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this only makes sense. EMI protection enhances the quality of wireless but also protects the health of the user from potentially harmful emissions. It also means the chips can be placed closer together, saving space for a larger and longer-lasting battery.

Another important upgrade is the installation of dual cameras. At first glance, one camera could capture a whole scene, and the other could focus on one aspect. Getting deeper into this, though, dual cameras will allow for 3D viewing and virtual reality experiences.

As usual, Apple is continuing to redesign its smartphones to incorporate advances in technology; While anticipating the market needs of the future.

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