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Google Improves Android Tablet Apps

Android Tablet

Android Tablet

Android tablet apps will be improved with some much-needed updates by Google in order to work better with larger displays. It is expected that updates will be available for Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep over the next few weeks.

Improving Android Apps

It’s now possible to drag & drop components from one app to another in Google Docs, Sheets, and Google Drive. It is expected that Google Drive will be able to concurrently open two files, as Apple did with its iPad OS update in 2019. For Android tablet users with Bluetooth or tethered keyboards, Drive, Docs, and Slides now have keyboard shortcuts, making them much easier to use.

Google Announcement

Google’s increasing interest in Android tablets has resulted in a range of new features. A large-screen Android device, such as a tablet or foldable phone, was specifically designed for Android 12L in 2022. In May, Google announced it was hoping to strengthen its Android tablet app ecosystem at its I/O developer conference. Additionally, app performance is being improved by third-party developers for TikTok, Zoom, and Facebook. A total of 20 of the company’s applications are being improved, some of which we are seeing right now.

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A few arguments have been made as to why Google is suddenly putting more effort into Android tablet development after long neglect. One of the most interesting tidbits about Google’s plans for 2019 is the fact that the company plans to release an Android tablet of its own for the first time since 2018’s Google Pixel Slate. When the tablet is delivered, it will have a better chance of success if the company now invests in its app ecosystem. Another advantage is that the software on other Android tablet makers will also improve.

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