The Sikorsky S-76D Helicopter


натурализм фото видео The new Sikorsky S-76D has been approved for production by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). It is expected that after the Type Certificate has been received by the company, it will begin production without much delay and models will be available for the buyers during the early months of 2013. цитаты из песен баста

S-76D Deluxe Helicopter – A Better Quality

что значит инфаркт головного мозга This is a significant improvement over the previous C++ model and is aimed to enhance the performance considerably. For instance, it is expected that this model will have greater high-and-hot lifting abilities. It will be able to lift about 1,000 pounds more than the earlier model. This added capacity is due to the improved PW210S engines used by the company. In addition, the new composite main rotor blade is also said to contribute to this added capability.
Along with these features, the S-76D also boasts of a new cockpit design along with a new vibration control system. These features will aid in a much smoother and secure ride for the pilot and crew.

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PW210S Engines сколько стоит залить квадратный метр стяжки The PW210S engines that contribute to the added high-and-hot lifting capacities have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the market. The engines are based on an upgraded design that employs the most modern technology in turbine design. As a result, the engines can offer greater power and more efficient fuel consumption compared to earlier engine models.

Composite Rotor Blade The second most important development in the S-76D is the use of the composite main rotor blade. It is based on the technology used in the Generation 3 rotor blade of the RAH-66 Comanche. The composite main rotor blade has a higher level of tolerance for damage and wear and tear. Furthermore, the blade offers enhanced hovering and cruise efficiency.
Navigation in Ice Conditions

Rotorcraft Icing Protection System (RIPS) цели задачи и организация производственной практики The S-76D also comes equipped with a new Rotorcraft Icing Protection System (RIPS). With the help of the RIPS technology, the craft will be able to operate in icing conditions, thereby increasing the reach and functionality of the craft. The main blade as well as the tail rotor blades can be deiced electrically to keep the power consumption to a minimum.

Less Noise Production ваз 2106 инструкция по эксплуатации скачать The aircraft also comes with a new tail rotor with extremely low noise levels. The noise level at the time of takeoff will be reduced by up to 4 dBA and by 1.5 dBA during flight. Apart from the technical features, the S-76D also possesses a streamlined body for enhanced efficiency in transporting greater loads across longer distances.


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