Google Deal Gives Publishers a Choice

Digitization is bringing an end to the world of books. Well, that is what majority of the book lovers feel across the world and therefore they believe that publishers should not be forced to publish their book electronically. Google and many book publishers around the world have been fighting for the last seven years on whether they should make the books available on the internet or not. However, both the parties have now reached an agreement that it will be publisher’s decision whether Google should digitize their book and journals or not.

Google Library Project

According to the Google Library Project, Google had plans to digitize every book and make them available online for the readers. However, authors and publishers were against this idea and they have been fighting on this with all their strength to ensure that not all books were digitize and available on the internet for the readers. The Google’s Library Project was a mammoth project for the company but it did not achieved much because most of the books that were in demand were not available for digitalization. Although, the settlement will not bring much changes but it also focuses on the new definition of copyright in the world of internet.

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