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Portable Chargers: Why These Are Essential During an Emergency

In today’s world, being able to contact your loved ones at any time is a luxury, but it can also save someone’s life. Whether you’re trying to find a loved one or you’re trying to be found, a portable charger can prevent your phone from dying until you’ve been reunited. On top of that, a smartphone can be used as a flashlight, a compass, or a GPS, all invaluable tools to have in an emergency. Here are a few charging solutions in the event of an emergency.

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Awesome Things to Do With Your Gadgets

8 Awesome Things to Do With Your Gadgets

Bet you didn’t realise 1/3 of under-30s spend over three hours a day on social media. Yes, that’s right, a third of us now spend 1/8th...

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Globel Issues & Technology

Hurry Up…and Relax

Oh, the romance of the sea!  For centuries it has enchanted us, and filled us with longing to know the secrets at its depths.  If an...

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Latest Tecnology

Top 3 Personal Finance Apps for 2017

Managing money keeps getting easier and easier thanks to personal finance apps. These apps enable us to budget, remember to pay bills, and...

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Computers and Internet

Why Your Company Doesn’t Need an IT Manager

As you search the internet, you won’t find it difficult to collect information on the IT Manager career path. From responsibilities to...

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Mobil web apps
Computers and Internet

How to Turn Your Website into a Mobile App to Expand Your Business?

As per the new report by Digi-Capital, a research firm, Mobile Internet revenue is going to hit $700 billion by the end of this year. With...

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FeaturedMobile Tech

Top 4 Tips To Help You Fix Your Broken iPhone

iPhone quickly makes it to the list of the most expensive gadgets around. However, a simple mistake, a drunken fumble, or a freak accident...

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Health & Technology

How the rapid growth of technology has improved our health

Technology is often seen as the enemy to fitness and at odds with the well-being of humans, who are distinctly natural beings. But whether...

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