Technology Security

Eyes movements could be a Password?

без меня меня женили история Computer scientists and researchers from all over the world are studying on biometrics for crime solving for a high level security place. The biometric is a measurement of something in the body. For instance, fingerprints used to identify people. маршрут автобуса 781 на карте Now the new biometric system that can identify people from their eyes while looking at a computer screen or camera. This research is in its earliest stages and needs years to work. Oleg Komogortsev, a computer scientist at the Texas State University, is working on the fact that no two people look at the world at the same time. For instance, when two people looking at the picture their eyes among points of interest in different sequences.

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Mobile Tech

Smart Tips to Fix Damage Smartphone как правильно дрочить чтоб была сперма Carrying a Smartphone or a tablet is no more different than carrying our wallet. The worst angle of owing these expensive devices comes if...

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Computers and Internet

Apple’s Maps and the Shadow of Steve Jobs

решение финансовых проблем в нижневартовске There is no doubt that Apple is one of the largest companies in the world especially when it comes to market capitalization. On the other...

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Gaming Faces Its Arch Enemy – Financial Reality врач неумывакин перекись водорода It is always believed that gaming sector has the potential to earn more than movies and almost ten years ago when gaming industry was...

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Google Deal Gives Publishers a Choice заполни таблицу длина ширина площадь периметр Digitization is bringing an end to the world of books. Well, that is what majority of the book lovers feel across the world and therefore...

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