LG Optimus G Pro – A Hot Eye Recognition Technology

способы засолки капусты на зиму в банках With the advances in technology, your reaction may become indifferent to the new and improved technologies that may be introduced in the market. But LG captivates the market, yet again. They have showed their competitors and customers alike that new and interesting advances are still possible today and even the LG CEO, Jong-seok Park is reported to have said “LG is continuously innovating to offer creative ways to offer a user experience that adds value to our customers.”

стала подмахивать рассказ And his statement is proved correct by, the new LG phone Smartphone that provides this new ‘eye catching’ service. With the advancement in eye recognition technology, what the Smart Video option in the new Smart Phone does is that it identifies where the user’s eye is positioned and it is programmed to automatically play or stops the video if the viewer’s eyes are not looking in the camera.

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Eye Movement control the video

http://carlesroger.es/disqus/47.html It is the front camera that pauses the video once it establishes that person’s eyes are not focused on the camera anymore. The playback is thus resumed once the viewer is looking back or his gaze is returned back at the camera. This eliminates the need for the user to use the phone manually.

follow link Apart from this, LG is even offering a dual camera option in the Optimus G Pro, (this is basically an extension of the previous model). What this camera does, is that it works simultaneously by capturing pictures from the back camera and the front camera.

Dual Camera Feature

карта метро лебедева It also provides a picture-in-picture composition which allows the person using the phone to be an important part in the incredible story that you can tell from Optimus G Pro. Offering all these services makes LG Optimus G Pro, the world’s first technology to have dual camera function. It indeed is the first amongst many.