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Google Glass – A Revolutionary deviece by Google

If the race of most companies to develop the best smartphone did not have you excited enough, Google has decided to amaze us all once again...

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Latest Tecnology

Walking ATM By “Apple”

If word is to be believed, then in the near future you could be seen as a walking talking ATM to your fellow Apple users. The latest...

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AppleTechnology News

Blighted Passion: Five Inventors Who Were Killed by Their Own Inventions

At times, passion can overcome reason or bad luck may get in the way. Many inventors in history have been lost to unfortunate events where...

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Robotic Technology

Giant $1.3 M Robot debuts in Japan: The KURATAS Robot

On November 28th, 2012. The Robotic expert Kogoro Kurata has unveiled his thirteen foot custom build giant “KURATAS” robot at an...

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