A Solar Dish can Make Electricity and Fresh Water

You would have heard about solar panels making electricity but now Swiss innovators have introduced a sort of “Solar Dish” which is a source of heat and fresh water too.

Who is producing it?

Intellects of Swiss companies as well as universities are working upon this idea of producing a solar dish with dual advantages. It will not only produce power but also water too for the benefit of humanity. It will actually use its own (produced) heat to turn salt water into potable one.

The Swiss government has called it, High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Thermal system. the team working on it is given $ 2.4 million to develop and test this system.


How it works?

Michel says “sun is the most abundant energy that we have.” We can use it for different purposes as it is the best thing that God has given us. Now, Sun will help in extracting out pure water with electric power.

There are millions of tiny mirrors attached to it. These mirrors draw sunlight to a common point and then reflect it to the receivers. Receivers are already made up of millions of energy-converting chips. So they transform this light into electricity.

Material Needed

The material required for it is very simple. It has replaced expensive steel or glass with simple concrete foils of metal.
Anti-heating (overheating) coolant system

It also has a heat-absorber (in-built coolant system) in it which prevents it from overheating or melting when over-heated. And instead of wasting this extra heat, it uses it to purify salt water. This excessive amount of heat changes the salt water in the desalination chamber in to drinkable one by the process of evaporation.


The estimate about making fresh water is also satisfactory. IBM reports claim that within 8 hours, the system is able to produce 30-40 liters of potable water with the help of one square meter of receivers.

Comparison with Solar Panel

  • Its shape, work and cost differ from that of a solar panel.
  • It has a dish-like shape instead of a flat solar panel.

The Swiss researches claim that this latest technology will cost lesser than that of panels and hence could be affordable to many. For material needed for it is not expensive at all.

As compared to solar panels it will be more helpful, beneficial and cheaper too. Solar panels could only produce electricity; it will also prepare fresh water for drink and use.


Critics are hopeful that if this formula succeeds than this technology would surely replace coal power technology as it is simpler plus handy.

Researcher Andrea Pedretti told, “The design of the system is elegantly simple.”

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